Patton Oswalt Continues To Support Bullied Middle Schooler As It's Revealed That The Youngster's Mother May Be Racist

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patton oswalt defends bullied kid amid racism reveal

The Tennessee middle schooler who broke millions of people’s hearts after his heartbreaking video about bullying went viral is now at the center of a racism controversy.

As we previously reported, A-listers — including Rihanna, Chris Evans, Millie Bobby Brown, etc. — flocked to Twitter and Instagram to voice their support for Keaton Jones after his mother uploaded a vid where the young student was in tears over the bullying he’s faced by his peers at school.

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Per the video, Jones’ classmates have allegedly been making fun of his nose, called him ugly, and have accused him of having no friends. At one point, Keaton’s fellow middle schoolers “put milk on [him] and put ham down [his] clothes, [an threw] bread on [him].” How awful.

Understandably, many were moved upon learning of Keaton’s plight. However, as more information surfaced about the youngster’s family, fewer people have become sympathetic to Jones’ situation. Why?? Well, apparently, Keaton’s mother Kimberly Jones appears to have far right leaning political beliefs.

Don’t believe us?? Please take a look at the evidence of her alleged social media writings (below).

While the evidence (above) has not been officially verified, it has sparked quite a bit of attention online (btw, we’re not okay with Joe’s purported use of that derogatory term, either). Not to mention, Jones has since shut down her Facebook account as of Monday morning (a very telling move).

Unsurprisingly, in light of these damning posts, many online have asked celebrities to withdraw their support of Keaton. Patton Oswalt has recently faced off with one of the critics and noted:

Hmmm, interesting point. Keaton himself has supposedly addressed the controversy as, in an unverified post online, a user claiming to be the middle schooler wrote:

Huh. We hope this apology is one) legit and two) not a PR attempt to combat the rumors that Keaton himself was being racist at school, hence, the bullying (though to be clear — bullying and violence are never the solution).

While this report has yet to be confirmed, one Twitter user shared:

Uh oh. Oh, and Keaton’s principal Greg Clay told one local paper that the bullying Jones claimed he suffered was “not as rampant as the video would have you believe.” Clay relayed:

“I can’t tell you what was done, but I can tell you action was taken with the children.”

Drama, drama, dramaaaa. Regardless, Keaton is certainly enjoying this celebrity attention, as one insider told People:

“Keaton is thrilled to hear from everyone. It really means a lot to him.”

Be sure to stay tuned as we’re certain there’s more to learn about this situation!!

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